Frequency Magazine described Arika Kane's self–titled debut album as “authentic soul.” Her hit single, Bcuz I Luv U, garnered radio airplay and sizzled up the charts. Arika’s sophomore single, 4 The Lovers, is swiftly taking over the airwaves and has the internet all abuzz about this R&B songstress.

Arika was fascinated by music since she can remember. She grew up in Connecticut in a close-knit musical family. Both of her parents are musicians and her father is an accomplished songwriter. At the age of ten, Arika confidently picked up a microphone and, since then, has yet to put it down. "Music is my only true way of expression," says Arika Kane. "I am willing to share all of myself through my music. There is absolutely nothing that I would not write about because my experiences are what led me to where I am today."

The album, ARIKA KANE, is already garnering praise. Hip Hop Weekly wrote "Arika's debut album delivers a complete composition that will really resonate with true music fans." CD Baby named Arika Kane as one of the "hottest new up-and-coming artists to hit the music scene." From the soulful Never Really Knew U to the playful Ring My Bell to the sorrowful Why Did We Fall N Luv, the songs are a portal straight to Arika’s thoughts and emotions, also featured on the album is a soulful rendition of the Bobby Brown classic, Rock Witcha.

King & Deco -

In the age of solo artist, it’s rare to find young artist wanting to collaborate to form original music. King and Deco have fused R&B & Rap with sophisticated tracks to form their unique sound.

King and Deco come from backgrounds that are as similar as they are different. Deco was born in Texas and moved to Stuttgart, Germany during his earlier years. Born into a military family he moved to Columbus, GA at the age 13 where he met King. Writing music since the age of twelve and performing throughout the city, he eventually convinced King to start lending his skills to his music. The combination of Deco’s soulful sultry raw voice with King's sexy tones and undeniable raw lyrics would quickly cause naysayers to reconsider.

King was born in New Orleans, LA also born into a military family. With expectations of an NBA career, King's sights were quickly derailed when the streets landed him in prison for several years. After being released, he immediately reunited with Deco, his childhood friend who was in the process of signing with a label. The pair have formed what promises to be a dynamic global force in the music industry known as “The King and Deco Project.”

Paperboyz -

Before we get started, NO you haven't heard this story before. Paperboyz are not bred from the stereotypical cookie cutter factory. NO, this is not a bio about another group “trying” to get on. Since establishing PB DOLLA LLC and trade marking their name Paperboyz, Mike-Charles and Fatal aka Fatal Attraction has set out to become an international household name. Based on the internet numbers on HYPERLINK "" and the recently launched HYPERLINK "" www.paperboyz.tvthe R&B and Hip Hop duo are doing just that. Taking advantage of the new digital wave Paperboyz have placed songs on major mobile carriers such as Jamster (XL10 to 755 55), Sprint and AT&T. One of the reasons Paperboyz are such a commodity online is that the 8 year process from street grind till now is documented and the people are eating up the content.

Helisha’s -

Talented, beautiful, graceful, and eloquent are adjectives that describe this singer/songwriter/legend-in-the-making. With the upcoming release of her debut EP Affairs of the Heart, Helisha is going to take fans on a journey of life and love. "Each song is deeply personal," Helisha explains. "Every track on this album will leave you thinking of your own past experiences, good or bad."
"Got Me for Forever" is another example of Helisha’s song writing abilities. With her strong delivery and extraordinary lyrics, "Got Me for Forever" will leave you wanting to call you significant other just to declare your love. Like many of Helisha's songs, "Got Me Forever" is autobiographical. "This song is my expression of love to a past lover of mine. I needed him to know that even though we couldn't make it work, he