Zuri: A Chicago Native

...Her rhythm goes on.

After years of fine tuning her craft in television, commercials, plays, she's written a novel, screenplay, poetry and a short children's story. Zuri is a multi-talented artist, she's done voice over work, she paints and sculpts, she's a natural hair stylist, fashion designer, she has her own line of motivational tanks and tees (Zuriology Designs With You In Mind) she's a song writer, musician, and she's worked for various artist's such as:

Michael Bolton, Chaka Khan, Brenton Wood and Vesta, Shirley Caesar, to name a few.

Zuri..s time to step to the forefront has come. Her debut CD is on Rasiah Records:

Rich Cason this CD wouldn't be if there had been no you or us. Your music is forever just as your spirit. RIP

A Woman's Perspective

Its no surprise how diverse and eclectic her writing and background credits are having worked and recorded with artists from third world countries as well. When she..s inspired to write music she..s at her keyboard, she even plays percussion.

Zuri has written for some of the true soul veterans of the business such as Johnnie Taylor, Shirley Brown, Lattimore, King Floyd. Her voice is heard on several Jimmy Lewis productions. She..s written and sang on several soon to be released projects by Floyd Taylor, and Chuck Strong.

Zuri sang all background harmonies on the now classic "Soul Heaven" by the late great Johnnie Taylor and penned the single "Too close for comfort" off of the 2001 Grammy nominated album, "Gotta get the groove back" also by Johnnie Taylor. Floyd Taylor son of Johnnie Taylor and Zuri had a number one duet on the Southern Soul charts written by Rich Cason and Zuri

In today..s arena of one hit wonders and overnight sensations, it..s refreshing to see and hear an artist who reflects such diversity musically. Opening act for Bon Jovi, and Jermaine Jackson at San Juan Music Fest 2007 Opening act for Howard Hewett and Kevin Nash at the Warner Theater Master P and Romeo video to be release Feb. 2008 Performed at the Asthma Allergy Foundation honoring Donald Sterling

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/zurirr#ixzz0y98aTIN5


With her signature look and notable name, Kwanza Jones, a native of Los
Angeles who grew up in Washington, DC., draws comparisons to Tina Turner, they
even share the same birthday. Her parents encouraged her creative talent. She
wrote her first song at age six, studied violin, flute and piano and sang in
gospel choirs. While at Princeton University, Kwanza expanded her musical
experiences by forming an a cappella singing group and being in an electronica
band. After college, she returned to her childhood aspirations of becoming a
lawyer, like her parents, but the pull of music couldn’t be ignored. So during
law school, she taught herself guitar and began writing songs that appeared on
her first album, “Naked.”

With “Naked,” Kwanza opted for a raw and revealing approach to making music.
Incorporating few instruments and relying on a less-is-more production method,
Kwanza blended pop and rock elements in an organic way that delivered a stripped
down, unadorned album. She began playing with her five-piece band at local spots
in northern and southern California, and at colleges such as San Jose State, UC
Davis, and Stanford. Kwanza became known for her winning combination of
hook-laden melodies, vocal power and irrepressible energy.

You can feel that energy pulsating through her second full-length release,
“Naked 2: universal fire.” Kwanza created this concept album that bridged the
gap between pop/rock/soul and world beats. The album, which includes songs like
“To The Top,” was inspired by her successful climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro - the
highest mountain in Africa at nearly 20,000 feet. As if this adventure wasn’t
challenging enough, Kwanza wrote a song a day, sometimes by flashlight, on the
rocky terrain. Upon her return, she teamed up with producer Tim
Carmon(keyboardist for Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige) to co-produce
this effort. She also displayed her ingenuity and skill as an arranger with her
covers of Ashford and Simpson’s "Ain't No Mountain" and The Doors "Light My

Kwanza’s talent as a songwriter continues to be displayed in “Everything Around
You,” the first single off her upcoming release, “Supercharged.” This album,
created in response to a dare to write songs about love, features startlingly
fresh vocals, catchy melodies and a return to her pop/rock roots.