Success in any endeavor is based on one’s capacity to form an accurate view of one’s self and to utilize this information.

Specialties: * Developing greater intimacy and harmony in relationships * Resolving Family dynamics 
  1. *Maximizing Career Advancement * Cultivating Creativity * Successfully negotiating Life-Transitions
  2. *Changing limiting and non-productive thought processes. 

Gregory has been in private practice as a Life coach since 2004. He is a certified Pathwork®Helper, also trained in Somatic Experience, Jungian dreamwork, Yoga, Core Energetics, Continuum and Tai Chi. 

Before becoming a Life Coach, he composed for Film and TV, played Jazz Saxophone in Studios, Clubs and Concerts and ran a recording studio in NYC, producing records for his own groups and others. He founded Alper Music School and taught classes on 6 instruments (for all ages) for over 30 years, leading hundreds of young musicians to discover their potential and deepen their joy and appreciation for music. Additionally, he
taught Jazz Improvisation at UCLA extension and was Jazz director for Children’s Music Workshop’s city-wide honors orchestra concerts, which won several Emmy awards in Children’s Educational Programming.

Additional interests include photoshop, investment management, web design, writing and nutrition.

Gregory has served on the faculty of Pathwork® of California, and it’s board of directors.