Photobucket Photobucket =============================================== Crystal A Wright In 2009 she was given a vision for a book that would refocus a person’s attention on identifying and maintaining 100 percent in their lives. The book and accompanying audio titled 30 DAYS AT 100 PERCENT: CHANGING YOUR LIFE 30 DAYS AT A TIME were completed just three short months later. “While we can't change what has happened,” says Wright, “I know from experience that by taking responsibility for our choices, and changing our actions, attitudes and habits, we can rise above our immediate circumstances, change course, excel and thrive 30 days at a time.” ================================================ 2010 Kennedy Center Honor's winner Jerry Herman - (Niece) Jain Dorian (Composer and lyricist; born July 10, 1931, in New York City) It only takes a moment to realize that Broadway's Golden Age is alive and well and thriving as long as Jerry Herman's around. ================================================ New Music - The Hendley's