Tito was born the third of ten children of Joseph and Katherine Jackson. Growing up in a large family, young Tito originally hid his musical talent from his father. While his father was at work, Jackson would play his father's guitar while his siblings danced and sang.[1] It was not until the young Jackson broke a string on the guitar that father Joseph learned about his musical aspirations. Joseph was then inspired to form a group around Tito and his two brothers, Jackie and Jermaine into a band in 1964 called The Jackson Brothers; eventually, younger brothers Marlon and Michael joined the group, and the brothers formed The Jackson 5 in 1964.


Taking His Turn: Successful Hip-Hop Record Label Head Karis Duran

Ventures Out With His Own Music

(New York, NY)…The multi-talented young Karis Duran, founder of the successful K Money Entertainment (KME) hip-hop record label, is ready to do the ultimate multi-tasking – he’ll finally release his own music, later in 2011. Having launched the hit music of rapper Hustle Man (current single “She Fine, She Sexy”), Karis can no longer sit on his own hip-hop aspirations, after working on lyrics since the age of 12 and recording his first song at the age of 15. It’s just that KME Entertainment took off and diverted his attention for a while. But – the time is now.


Funkalicious was formed in Los Angeles, California when true friends decided to create a band on the account of their passion for Funk and R&B music.

Funkalicious is no just an ordinary band....