So SORRY this happen to such a GREAT & AMAZING PERSON.

The Gun-Man at Lake Balboa September 15, 2012
Posted on September 18, 2012 by Abraham Mc Donald

To Whom It May Concern:

Saturday September 15th has to be the most traumatizing day of my life; an officer of the law drew his gun a foot from my face scarring me forever. I’d been asked by a Grammy nominated Super-singer to step in on some background vocals for her at the 1st Annual Balboa Music Festival at Lake-Balboa Park, bordered by Van Nuys, Encino, Northridge and Reseda.

It was definitely an honor and a very early morning, as we had to be at sound-check at 10am. After exiting the 405-north at Victory Blvd I met an onset of traffic seemingly backed right up to the exit of the freeway… Victory was packed headed in both directions, as was Woodley where the only entrance to the park was located for this particular event. Unfortunately the “Talent” entrance was the same as the patrons. I along with a considerable number of cars heading in all directions sat in the early morning heat waiting patiently to enter the apparently understaffed ill-prepared park for the event.

As I sat in traffic waiting my turn, I made a hands-free call to a dear friend, and thank God I did, or there be no witnesses to the event I am about to describe. Sitting in the inching traffic I watched car after car turn around, as it seemed we’d never reach Woodley where we could turn left and then right into the park. I recall saying to my friend, “Wow, they have the other side of Victory locked on the opposite side of Woodley. That’s crazy!” Well, my turn finally came up, I’d finally reached Woodley and began my ascend onto the road that lead to the park when a Sheriff car pulls up blocking the left turning lane heading onto Victory from Woodley. He jumped out and began harshly directing traffic, which was fine with me.

“Move, turn around! Move! Turn around now! After a 35 minute wait for what would normally be a 30 second drive from the freeway to Woodley on Victory and with literally 10 minutes until sound-check, leaning out of my drivers window I exclaimed “Sir, I have a sound-check, is it possible for me to go across? His reply was an unwarranted and disrespectful, “Turn around!” “Sir, I’ll turn around, but where do I go from here, there’s only one entrance” Again he says “Turn around, NOW” Turn Your Car Around!” “Sir, no problem, but can you tell me where to go, I’m the talent, I have a sound check” “You won’t be making any sound-checks today! If you don’t turn your car around now…Back up, back your car up now!” Loudly he exclaimed and with zero respect.

Unfortunately there were cars in all directions except for directly in front of me as he was standing to the left of the front of my car the time, several cars had turned, however there was a black Magnum or similar to my right and cars behind, I was stuck, I couldn’t move. In addition, there was a car that gone forward making room for me to cross and be out of the way…completely.

I turned my wheel completely to the left, and as I attempted to move my car the officer walks up to my car, grabs my steering wheel pulling it, trying to turn it, but he couldn’t because it was already fully turned. Both of my hands were on the wheel at the time. The exchange of words begins again, “Sir, I’m trying to turn” as I looked to the right as a gesture to explain that there is a car next to me, my hands are still on the wheel. I hear my friend say “Babe, just move the car” I say, “I’m trying but I can’t” The officer then yells to the point of turning red, “No you’re not, I’m going to have you arrested if you don’t move now” “Sir I’m trying to back up, but can you please tell me where to go from here” The officer with his hand on my wheel then draws his gun and points it at me as if to fire. No more than a foot away from my face. However there was no physical threat to him. Both of my hands were in plain sight and on the wheel. Not once had I raised my voice, used foul language or shown any disrespect to his “appointed authority”. I simply asked the individual a question.

After seeing the gun in my face, I was completely removed- traumatized as I have never in my 35 years of living been in such a violent situation. Even with growing up in a gang riddled South Central. After the black car moved, and the cars behind me had turned I was able to back up. I did so in peace though I was beyond livid. Unfortunately all of this happened at an alarming pace so I was not able to garner his badge number or even name for that matter, though I am certain of his description.

As I sat on the side of the road after pulling over to collect my thoughts I made a call to our vocal director, sharing what had just happened screaming that I was not going to do the show. I wasn’t just mad, I was insulted that an officer of the law, the supposed protector had become an irate erratic beast simply because he was ill equipped and unable to answer my question; such brute force and with absolutely no cause.

I was also angry because I realized that even with my hands on the steering wheel in plain sight, my being a large black man posed such a threat and ignited true ignorance simply because I did not jump at the sight of his badge and asked a question that he couldn’t answer. I was more than livid because in truth I wanted to run his ass over for such an unintelligent moronic exchange. You see, there was no argument, simply a question.

I’m writing and publicizing this altercation because I’m afraid for the average every day person who might be in harms way if they should interface with this “supposed authority of the law”. No one should have to be endangered simply because this person is ill witted. I consider this officer a threat to all communities and should have his gun confiscated by his authorities. I am a law-abiding citizen who has never once run into trouble with the “law”. As a matter of fact some of my dear friends are a part of the faculties that help to shape and decide the law.

I consider this person a disgrace to all law enforcement and I will be pursuing the matter by sending this document to every media outlet in addition to circulating it amongst the Reseda, Encino, Northridge, and Van Nuys Sheriff Departments until I see his face filled with the exact same trauma that filled me when he pointed his gun in my face. God speed officer, and know that you’re already forgiven- this is about protecting the people from you. Neither your years served, nor how decorated you are gives you the right. People like you kill innocent people and ask questions later. You cannot hide behind your badge this time.

In complete disgust,

Abraham McDonald

Assaulted Citizen