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Favorite Callywood Host:

Cosandra Calloway (Host)
Yuppie Woodville - (Gossip)
DJ Danna K (News)
Jamell Calloway (Sports)
Wayne King Jr. (Sports)
Randy Jones (Sports)
Claujia Bretas (Cally-1:30 Roll)
Justin Kennedy (Co-Host 2009)
Carmen Kennedy (Co-Host Chat Room 2009)
KarlwithaK (Co-Host Chat room 2009)
Alexis Michell (Dr. Of Love)
Dr. Mel (Dr. Of Love)

Favorite Comic:

Annie McKnight (Comic) show date 11/209
Chris Spencer (Comic) show date 5/22/10
Guy Torry (Comic) show date 5/8/10
Jeffery Peterson (420 Comic) show date 11/7/09
Royal Watkins (Comic) show date 2/20/10
Steve White (Comic) show date 10/24/10

Favorite Motivational Speaker:
April Sutton  show date 4/24/10
Al Reynolds  show date 12/5/09
Cookie Johnson  show date 1/2/10
Mayor Villaraigosa  show date 1/16/10
Mike Davis ) show dates 1/8/1-. 1/16/10 2/6/10
Rev. Robert E Lee show dates 1/8/10. 1/16/10 , 2/27/10,
Leslie Pogue  show date
Tiffany Bradshaw  show date
May May Ali  show date 5/1/10

Favorite Producer:

Kenneth Crouch (Music) show date 12/26/09
Michael Angelo Saulsberry (Music) show date 12/19/09
Devon Shepard (Television) show date 1/9/10
Bennie Richburg (Television) show date 12/5/09

Favorite Manger:

Tommy Brown (Bobby Brown) show date 11/21/09

Favorite Recording Artist:

Aaron Carter (Recording Artist) show date 2/6/10
Al Mac (Recording Artist) Troop show date 2/2010
Anthony Hamilton (Recording Artist) show date 2/6/10
Chante' Moore (Recording Artist) show date 3/6/10
Charlie Wilson (Recording Artist) show date 2/6/10
Damion Hall (Recording Artist) show dat 12/5/09
Dana Dane (Recording Artist) show date 11/21/09
DJ Wiz (recording Artists) Kid & Play show date 4/10/10
Eric Roberson (Recording Artist) show date 12/5/10, 1/30/10
Freda Payne (Recording Artists) show date 3/6/10
George Clinton (Recording Artist) show date 2/6/10
Jay King (Recording Artists) show date 9/12/09
Jean Baylor (Recording Artist) show date 3/13/10
Lisa Lisa (Recording Artist) show date 11/21/09
Michael Angelo Saulsberry show date 12/19/09
Montell Jordan begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Recording Artists) show date 10/10/09
Musiq Soulchild (Recording Artist) show date 2/6/10
Nancy Wilson (Recording Artist) show date 3/6/10
NeYo (Recording Artist) show date 2/6/10
Steven Russell (Recording Artists) Troop show date 5/8/10
Stevie Wonder (Recording Artist) show date 3/6/10
Won-G (Recording Artist / Activist) show date 1/16/10
II D Extreme (Recording Artist) show date 1/30/10

Favorite Athlete:

Eric Davis (Baseball Star) show date 3/27/10
Kevin Young (Gold Medal Winner 1992) show date 12/5/10
Phil Hellmuth (Poker) show date 3/13/10

Favorite New Artists:

Al Mac ( New Artists) show date 2/2010
Billy Millions (New Artists)
Chanell London (New Artists) show date 11/21/09
Damion Hall (New Artists) show date 12/5/09
Darcy Donavan (New Artists) show date
Dot (New Artists) show date
Eric Roberson (New Artists) show date 12/5/09
Fly Guys (New Artist) show date show date 8/29/09
Heather Hunter (New Artist) show date 11/21/09
Jay King (New Artists) show date 9/12/09
Japs (New Artists) show date 2/20/10
JFK (New Artists) show date 8/1/09
Jon Bibbs (New Artists) show date 3/37/10
Justin Kennedy (New Artist) show date
Kimberly Nichole (New Artist) show date 4/10/10
L Debois (New Artist) show date 8/19/09
Marva King (New Artist) show date
Misha Rose (New Artist) show date 2/2010
Montell Jordan begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting (New Artists) show date 10/10/09
New Yitty (New Artists) show date 8/1/09
Sacha Kemp (New Artists) show date 4/24/10
Saudia (New Artist)
Steven Russell (New Artists) show date 5/8/10
Skryptur (New Artists) show date 1/16/10
Wendy Marie begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting (New Artist) show date
Yolonda Johnson (New Artists) show date 12/19/10

Favorite Callywood Theme Song:

New Yitty: show date CallyRewind CallyAwards 5/1/10
Dot & Rhonda: show date CallyRewind CallyAwards 5/1/10
Michael Angelo : show date CallyRewind CallyAwards 5/1/10

Favorite Actress:

Brittany Elizabeth Curran (Men of A Certain Age) show date 3/13/10
Daphne Eurydice Zuniga (Melrose Place) show date 3/13/10
Denise Dowse (Ray & 90120) show date 11/7/09
Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) show date 2/27/20
Gloria Garayua (Mother and Child) show dates 3/13/10, 4/24/10
Karen Sillas (Simple Men) show date 11/7/09
Mari Marrow (The Uninvited Guest) show date 5/8/20
Mo'Nique (Precious) show date 2/27/20
Paula Jai Parker (Proud Family) show date 3/13/10
Penwah (Family Matters/Meet The Browns) show date 9/26/09
Rosanna Arquette (Pulp Fiction) show date 3/13/10
Sherri Sheppard (The View) show date 2/27/20
Wendy Raquel Robinson (Steve Harvey Show) show date 11/7/09

Favorite Actor:

Boo Boo Stewart (Twilight) show date 3/13/10
Carl Anthony Payne (Martin) show date10/24/09
Casey Lee (White Chick's & Q) show date 3/27/10
Dorian Wilson (The Parkers) show date 2/2010
Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) show date 2/27/20
Jimmy Jean-Louis (Phat Girls) show date 3/13/10
Kareem Grimes (Jarhead) show date 11/21/09
Larry B Scott (Revenge of the Nerds) show date 8/1/09
Malik Yoba (Why Did I Get Married 1&2) show date 3/27/10
Michael Coylar (The Princess and the Frog) show date 3/13/10
Miguel Nunes (Life) show date 3/13/10
Sam L. Jones III (Blue Mountain State) show date 3/13/10
Samm Levine (Lost) show date 3/13/10
Tobias Truvillion (Brooklyn's Finest) 12/5/10

Favorite Author:

Norman Ollstead (Crazy for the Storm) show date 12/26/09
Robin Coletrain (Words Thougts & Desires) Show date
Sharon Braxton (40 Ways To Affirm Your Life) show date 7//14/09
Terri Gilmore (Poet) show date 7/4/09

Favorite Doctor:

Debbie Kim (Acupuncture
) show date 3/20/10
Dr. Smith (Doctor) show date 5/22/10
Dr. Trebilcock ND (Doctor) show date 2/13/10
Carla Vidor (
Acupuncture) show date

Favorite CallyWater Music Mix DJ:

DJ Broadway
DJ Dynasty
DJ Holiday
DJ Spindellara
DJ Dave Williams

Best Live Callywood Performance:

Beyonce (Live from the Grammy's) show date 2/6/10
Jamie Foxx, Slash and T-Pain (Live from the Grammy's) show date 2/6/10
Jeffery Osborn (Live from Living Legends Awards) show date 3/6/10
Black Eye Peas (Live from Grammy's) show date 2/6/10
Chante' Moore (Live from Living Legends Awards) show date 3/6/10
Stevie Wonder (Live from Living Legends Awards) show date 3/6/10

Best Play:

Six Degree's Of Separation (Cast) show date 1/23/10
Who's Curtis Lee (Cast) show date 11/19/09

Best Yoga Location:

Sarah Ezrin Yoga
Up Dog Cycling and Yoga
Yoga Co

Best Food:

Chef D's Take Out Grill
Kristin Gum (Why Raw)

Best Hair & Makeup:

Gerard Dure
Candi 4 Hair

Best Live Callywood Show:

Live / Grammy’s show date 2/6/10
Live / Image Awards show date 2/27/10
Live / J A Clermont Memorial Foundation show date 1/28/10
Live / Living Legends Awards show date 3/6/10
Live / Share and Share Alike show date
Live / Up Dog Cycling and Yoga show dates 3/17/10, 4/17/10
Live / Who’s Curtis Lee

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